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Unternehmen: FinTech Group AG
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Today FinTech Group AG presented its figures for the 2016 financial year just ended, with all key figures posting an increase on the previous financial year. Revenues rose by 26.7% to €95.02 million and the EBITDA was even up 55.2% on the previous year at €30.62 million. It should however be noted that XCOM AG was only consolidated for nine months in the 2015 financial year but last year also included a significant one-time income amount from outlicensing its CFD business. Therefore, significant organic increases were also recorded for revenues and income in 2016. B2C and B2B business both contributed to the positive development. Whereas the B2C business was particularly impressive, with a significant increase in customer numbers of around 20% to 212,040, important new customers were also acquired during 2016 in B2B business. This was also reflected in the fact that customer assets under management almost doubled to €10.9 billion.


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